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LIMITED EDITION: This print is a part of a limited edition release of 100. Each print will be hand signed and numbered 1-100.

High quality gloss PRINT.

Size: 11"x8.5"

Ships in 1-2 business days!

*Image is censored, to see full image, check out my Instagram!



Women Collection

In 2020, I decided to deeply analyze the concept of femininity, not just from my point of view and from my own experiences, but also from other women’s. I started a Women Collection, which is a contemporary revisitation of 19th Century female nudes, mostly realized by male artists who were commissioned by other wealthy men. By being a woman, painting another woman, I have removed the concept of the male gaze, and the idea that a woman exists to satisfy a man’s needs. When looking for models for this project, I have tried to be as inclusive as I could, with body types, ethnicities, age and gender identity. I now have a collection of over 40 paintings that empower women, by representing them in a powerful stance that makes them feel beautiful and worthy. 

My work always starts from real life experiences and references, but I modify the spaces, the perspective, and the shadows to my own advantage. From there, I remove certain elements and add new ones. I start by making my own patterns and shapes. I love alternating between flat areas and illusionistic moments. I leave some areas to rest, where there are no details, and enjoy other areas which are loaded with information.  Each painting is a collusion of observation, imagination, and influences from other artists. The purpose of my stylistic choices is to lead the viewers’ eye to specific areas of a painting, and to suggest the reading of the work.