I started the Home Series at the beginning of quarantine back in March 2020. I knew I had to start spending a lot of time at home, so I decided to document that period through painting. I started noticing details about our house I have never appreciated before. How the light hits particular spots of our home during certain times of the day started to fascinate me. I decided to commence huge oil paintings as I did not have to carry back to school or anywhere else. I began with painting the corner of our sunroom, I then proceeded with my studio, my bedroom, the kitchen, the entrance door, and so on. Quarantine kept going for what I felt like forever, so that I then decided to include my husband and my dog into the paintings. Once I started to include them, the paintings took a completely different direction. From nostalgic, empty and timeless places, they became places where the viewer would want to be. There is humor, fun and spontaneity in the paintings where my husband is cooking naked, while the wiener dog is staring at him waiting for some food to magically fall or where my husband is watching a movie in bed while eating Cheerios and gives a little bit to the dog. The intention of this body of work is for the viewer to be able to relate to my experience and find some comfort, while appreciating the details, the tones and the extravagant composition of my Home Series.

In 2020, I decided to deeply analyze the concept of femininity, not just from my point of view and from my own experiences, but also from other women’s. I started a Nude Collection, which is a contemporary revisitation of 19th Century female nudes, mostly realized by male artists who were commissioned by other wealthy men. By being a woman, painting another woman, I have removed the concept of the male gaze, and the idea that a woman exists to satisfy a man’s needs. When looking for models for this project, I have tried to be as inclusive as I could, with body types, ethnicities, age and gender identity. I now have a collection of over 30 paintings that empower women, by representing them in a powerful stance that makes them feel beautiful and worthy. 


Social media bombards us with images that are far from reality – filtered, edited, the perfect pose in the perfect place taken from the perfect angle. 

I use my camera to capture the intimate moments of my personal life: the good times, the struggles, the routine. These images on canvas were created from ones on from my camera roll that are normally hidden from public view: unedited, unfiltered, and sometimes hard to look at. Installed at my 5’3” height, this series invites the viewer to look at my life through my eyes and my point of view, contrasting between my day-to-day reality and the one I could share on social media.