The Struggles of Being an Artist

"I am an artist" might be one of the scariest things I have ever said.

It all started when I was a teenager, in Italy. I was surrounded by family and friends who loved my artwork, but never encouraged me to pursue art. There is an Italian saying that goes: impara l'arte e mettila da parte, which means: learn art and put it on the side.

This was me every time someone would say that quote. I could not understand how people would say such a thing, and yet being surrounded by wonderful art in Italy. I have lived in Milan until I was 19, and I have visited the most amazing churches, cities and museums. In school, I was taught art history classes beginning in 3rd grade, and still, art was not considered important. Art was not even a possibility as a career.


Not to mention my absolute favorite quote: "You will only be reach and famous when you die". Okay, maybe a long time ago, but times have changed.

As I grew older, I decided not to accept this belief that has been imposed on me. I started St. Petersburg College, and took a lot of art classes. I was shocked even when my art professor told the classroom that art was not worth pursuing, at least fine arts.

At the beginning, I had mixed feelings about pursuing art. I had the deepest desire to paint, create and make, but also the fear of not being able to succeed. I almost forgot another quote I have been told multiple times: "It is not going to be easy". Working a job we do not like and enjoy is not easy either. We just have to choose what is worth working hard for.

As the time went on, I became more aware of my artistic journey and my why. I pursued art school and graduated. I studied contemporary artists, and I started to investigate and understand the online world. Nowadays there are hundreds of artists making a living through art.

I have now promised myself that, no matter what, I will never stop making art. I believe my talent and passion are a gift, and it would be  foolish to abandon it.

I am thankful for being part of a community that supports me and my journey as an artist.

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