Opening Night Was A Dream!

It's 5:30pm, I get to the gallery early. Nobody is there yet. I finally enter, and I run to see my work hung. I am in shook. I feel proud, happy, overwhelmed, grateful, blessed. All the hard work, late nights and long weekends have finally paid off.

I was finally able to see all my 18 paintings hanging, all together, next to each other. I felt accomplished like I never did before. These last three months have probably been the most intense, as I managed to finish 18 paintings in only 40 days, while working full time. Yes, I did start late, but I have made so many changes to the original plan that I found myself being able to start painting only mid-February. However, this specific process led me to create this exact series that turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

My Support System

I was overwhelmed by the support I have received not only during the Opening Reception, but also during the process of creating my work. First of all, my parents. Since I was young, they encouraged me to paint, and always hung my work all over their house (and still do!). My parents are both creative, in different ways, which allows them to provide constructive criticism as well. I truly appreciate their help since I know it comes from a place of love.

My husband, also, has been incredibly supportive. He stepped in for the extra cooking, cleaning, and just alleviated me from daily chores during the last two weeks to allow me to paint 6-8 hours every evening. He is also amazing at promoting me whenever he can. He invited so many people to the opening reception, and I was so surprised to see them there!

Lastly, I loved having my friends there, to be able to share such a meaningful milestone with. Some of them have been there while I was painting, some of them did not see any of my recent work, while some of them have seen it all.

The Opening Reception on April 14th has been a dream. All the artists did amazing work, and Creative Pinellas has been incredible at putting this show together. I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.

The Emerging Artist Exhibition is up for the next two months, so if you did not get a change to stop by during the Opening Reception, feel free to stop by.

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