Her Little Hands Were Made to Create Art

I still hear my grandmother in my head saying to her friend that I was so good with my tiny hands, when, as I child, I used to help her make orecchiette, a kind of Italian homemade pasta. I remember making jewelry with shiny rocks found at the beach and yarn, obsessively drawing portraits of my family members during Christmas parties and always feeling the need to be making something with my little hands. As much as I tried to do other things in my life, art has always found its way back to me. I studied, traveled, explored the world, and even moved all the way to Florida, from Italy. Here I am today, making art every single day, promising myself to never stop making art nor abandon this passion of mine. 

Margherita Tibaldo Childhood Painting 2000

As a child, I was very shy; I barely talked to family and friends, and I loved spending time in my room making things. Drawing, painting and making objects was my way to express my voice in the world. Today, even if I grew out of my shyness, I still use art as a communication tool. I find it easy to share my private life through my paintings, and I realize the viewer can often relate to it. 

Going back to art school has been one of the best decisions for me. In May 2021, I graduated from the College of the Arts at the University of South Florida, which had a significant and positive impact on me. I am amazed by the skills, knowledge and tools I was provided to be a better artist. My instructors challenged me to create out of my comfort zone, make larger paintings and work on a series with numerous pieces. I am now an emerging artist in St. Petersburg, Florida, motivated to start my career as an artist, hoping to make people see the world through my eyes. 

Margherita Tibaldo USF Art Show 2021

The little girl with the little hands making pasta with her grandma would be proud of me for following my passion, and believing in herself.