Full Moon, Working From Home and Walking The Dog!

Here's the second part about Camera Roll, explained.

"February 16th, 7:34pm"

This is probably one of my favorite pieces, even if I keep telling people I don't have a favorite. My parents just moved, the house is still not finished, we can still smell the fresh paint. We were about to have dinner, when I look out of that small little window and I see the moon. I immediately told my family to look. It was perfect, as that little window was made on purpose. The moon was full, bright and powerful.

“February 17th, 1:08pm"

This painting represents a repetitive action, something that happens on a daily bases, working from home. Hundreds of tabs open, one phone call after the other, and an agenda with an endless to-do list. Some days I find my daily job exhausting and stressful that I barely have enough energy in me to paint. Other days, I do not get too overwhelmed and I just jump into my studio as soon as I close my computer.

“February 17th, 1:22pm”

This is one of my favorite moments of the day, even if sometimes it’s 90 degrees outside and neither of us really want to go out. I’m thankful for my little best friend that is now almost 14 years old, that has still the energy to beg me for food 100 times a day. The other day I was driving, and I was just thinking how I had in in my life since I was 12 years old. He has been through everything with me. I am now more aware of the concept of time, and I want to make sure I enjoy these little moments with my little old man.

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