All You Need to Know About A Nude Commission!

You saw all my nude paintings, and are probably asking yourself: can I have one of myself?

Of course, you are in the right place. The Nude Collection has now over 40+ original paintings, and each painting is inspired by a real woman!

If you want your own nude.. here's how it works!

You will get in touch with me (email or DM), and we will go over the following:  

  • I will need a picture of your ID, to confirm that you are 18+
  • You will send me a high quality image for me to paint. I always recommend using good lighting! If you are not sure, I can guide you through the process. You can even send multiple ones, if not sure.
  • In the photo, please do not include your face since the nude collection mainly focuses on the beauty of the body.
  • You will pick a canvas size, and a color/color scheme that you prefer! If you have no idea for the color, look at my previous paintings for inspiration!
  • What I will use: oil and/or acrylic paint on canvas.
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks, plus 1 week for drying time.
  • Prices are not inclusive of shipping. Free pick up in Dunedin, FL.
  • 50% deposit is due when I start the painting.
  • 50% payment is due when painting is complete, before I ship it.
  • Payment methods: Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, cash or card!
  • Also, I will be showing you the painting along the way, so that I can make corrections and adjustments if needed!

BUT.. before I can start painting, I will need you to sign a contract that will basically go over the above mentioned points! Do not send me photos or money if we did not go over everything first!

How do I take the perfect picture?

I recommend taking a video and just try different poses. Move around, dance and feel beautiful. After recording the video, you can screenshot frames that you love! If not sure, message me and I will give you more tips!

How long does it take you to paint?

Each panting has multiple layers, so I have to let it dry before I can work on it again. The process takes no longer than 4 weeks. I can start only when I receive the signed contract, deposit and photo!

How much does it cost?

Original work requires a lot of time, effort and material (high quality paint is expensive). You are investing in a timeless and unique piece of art, do not forget that!

$2.50 per square inch!

  • 20x16 inches canvas: $800.00
  • 24x18 inches canvas: $1,080.00
  • 30x24 inches canvas: $1,800.00
  • 40x30 inches canvas: $3,000.00

Custom sizes are available too!

(Shipping not included, free pick up in Dunedin, FL)

Thank you! I cannot wait to paint you ❤️